A Start...

OK, so bear with me. While learning Drupal blogging and tools I am also starting this particular blog.

Here's the premise.
1. There are no trusted advisors in the (US) health system anymore, and as such, people need to become their own advocates.
2. There is too much information out there, sometimes inaccurate, sometimes out of date, and usually not geared towards helping us become smarter in making our health decisions.
3. With the accelerating increase in what is available: medicines, procedures, devices, information, advice, laws, ads, incentives, ... we have to get smarter in learning how to navigate the mess. We can't afford not to.

So this site is dedicated to taking common scenarios that people face and finding the nest ways to resolve those health needs: e.g. my son has been seeing rainbows and his doctor thinks he might have migraines or epilepsy. What should I do next?

I will start off in taking a scenario and using a different site out there to try to resolve it, and provide a review of how successful that site was. As the popularity of this grows (hopefully) I'd love collaboration in this effort. Think of this as both collaborative research as well as a tool to educate people as how to be their own best health advocates.


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